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DeviceNet Cable
DeviceNet Introduction
    DeviceNet is an ODVA device-level communication protocol for industrial automation. A DeviceNet network is an open, low-cost system link between industrial devices such as sensors and actuators and higher-level devices such as programmable logic controllers and PCs. DeviceNet networks use the network-independent protocol called Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) to provide its control, configure and data collection capabilities. Additional flexibility is offered via the network's ability to work with devices from multiple vendors - and, unlike other protocols, the user can add a power tape at any point (with a maximum power pair ampacity of 8 amps using Thick cable), allowing for redundant power supplies.
Network characteristics
    A DeviceNet network can support up to 64 nodes and the network end-to-end distance is variable, based on network speed. At 125 Kbps, the maximum network distance is up to 500m. At the highest speed, 500 Kbps, the maximum network distance is up to 100m. The bus topology is a trunkline-dropline linear bus.
The Belden cable for DeviceNet
    Rated 300V Class 2 of Belden DeviceNet cable factory floor environments can provide the maximum level of physical layer versatility. The cable has a variety of options, to ensure that in most industrial applications to achieve optimum performance. Standard cable is a high cost structure of heavy industrial PVC jacket. Other standard structure includes CPE jacket with industrial-grade "Thick" and "Thin" can be used in extreme harsh factory floor environments. As an innovator in the field of cable technology, Belden launched a deflection type DeviceNet "Thick", and launched two new varieties of family DeviceNet: DeviceNet "Medium" Cable and DeviceNet "flat" cable. For other DeviceNet cabling options, be sure to contact Belden to get more innovative solutions.
Features and Benefits
 Data lines and power lines in the same cable.
 Cables and reducing installation costs.
 Twisted pair and "shield" to resist noise interference (round wire)
 Medium-sized cable:7895A
 Flat cable:3082K,3082KP
 Deflection type: 3082F (thick cable) and 3084F (Thin)
 L1 shielded round cable: 7896A
 L1 Extension: 7900A
 All meet ODVA specifications
 UL Subject 13
 NEC Article 725 paragraph, power limited circuit cable
 UL AWM 20201 600V**
 CSA AWM I/II A/B, (3082A, 3082F & 3083A)
 CSA AWM I/IIB, (3084A & 3085A)
 Class1 & 2, Div 2 Hazardous Area.
 Product 3082A and 3084A with light gray PVC jacket.
 Product 3083A and 3085A has a yellow CPE jacket.
 Shield: aluminum foil shielding single pair Beldfoil overall 65% tinned copper mesh shielding preparation (TCB).
 Insulation: data line pair - Foam PE, power line right - PVC.
 Conductor: 19 stranded tinned copper wire.
*Applies only to products 3082A 3082F, and 3083A
**Applies only to products 3082A and 3082F