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Profibus Cable
Profibus synopsis
    PROFIBUS is one of the open field bus network is the largest in the world. This network can support up to 32 nodes, the highest speed is 12Mbps. As with most of the field bus system, PROFIBUS can reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency, accelerate new product time to market, and improve the quality of the products. Unlike the standard 4-20mA control, PROFIBUS can be in a single segment consists of a twisted pair cable, 32 workstations support.
The characteristics of Profibus
    The bus topology is a linear bus transmission in shielded twisted pair cable. Using the repeater, the network can support up to 127 nodes. The number of repeater is used up to not more than 4, the maximum load line length is 4800m; do not use repeaters, maximum load line length is 1200m. The use of nine DSub connector, can realize the connection between the cable standard.
  The transmission rate is optional, the lowest is 9.6kbps. PROFIBUS is the international organization for Standardization (1SO) open system interconnection (OSl) formulation of development of seven layer model. Access to the bus is defined in the second layer of the OSI model, it allows PROFIBUS to select multiple hosts in a single twisted pair cable. Due to the different requirements of industrial applications, there are three different but PROFIBUSFMS, basic standards compatible quasi PROFIBUSFMS, PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUSPA. The range of application of PROFIBUS - FMS the most widely, is designed for between the controller and the intelligent equipment communication and design. The PROFIBUS-DP can run on the same physical media, information quantity of bearing less but speed, in order to realize the real-time control to the 32 station.

Applicable to Profibus Belden cable
    Belden according to the PROFIBUS specification, develop a special cable for PROFIBUS. The cable impedance 150ohm, system impedance matching, for biaxial cable (twisted pair) structure, and the largest amount of allowable bearing signal. The cable comprises 100% Beldfoil®Tinned copper foil shield and 65% mesh screen, with the maximum shielding effect. It is capable of carrying the signal UL NEC PLTC on the list, with great flexibility of installation. As with other Belden industrial cable, the cable also has special sheath, color and armored alternative solutions to meet your special requirement.

 Industrial grade twinaxial cable
 High electrical performance
 Designed for the PROFIBUS physical layer
 International certification
 Weight: 57 lbs/1,000ft.
 Conductor: #22 AWG Gao Chuandao rate of copper
 Insulation: foamed polyethylene
 Nominal outside diameter:0.315" (8.00mm)
 Shield: Beldfoil®, 100% coverage
 Sheath: Purple Standard PVC, optional blue safety jacket
 Impedance:150 ohm
 Velocity of Propagation: 78% (nominal)
 Mutual Capacitance: 9.0pF/ft (nominal)
 Attenuation: 0.27 dB/100ft @ 0.2 MHz0.67 dB/100ft @ 4.0 MHz1.37 dB/100ft @ 16.0 MHz Standard
 length:1,000 ft.2,000 ft.3,600 ft.
Other optional structure
 The multi-color jacket for easy identification
 Very humid environment using a choice of CPE jacket.
 Steel or aluminum Belclad Armored
 Steel or aluminum interlocked armor